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Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Reclaim Your Broken Oath

Here is how to get back your oath again as a Paladin sub-class in Baldur's Gate 3.

Failed to keep your sacred oath as a Paladin? Then find out how you can reclaim your Broken Oath in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Paladin class is one of the strongest in the game. However, the difficulty arises in preserving the Oaths for its sub-class. And in case you break any rules mentioned in your oath, then you will get an Oath Broken condition on your character. This will disable the exclusive ability attached to your oath. So, is there no way to reclaim your broken oath? Luckily, there is. We will show you how you can take up your oath again in BG3.

How to Reclaim Your Broken Oath in Baldur’s Gate 3

take up your oath again bg3

You can reclaim your broken oath in Baldur’s Gate 3 by speaking with the Oathbreaker Knight. Players will be able to meet him after taking a full rest at the camp. While conversing with the Oathbreaker Knight, you will get several dialogue options. We have mentioned the order of responses that you should go with below.

  • I wish to take up my oath again.
  • Pay the gold (1000). Reclaim your oath.
  • Only in wielding the powers I lost can I achieve my aims. It is my destiny. My right.

Once done, you will be able to reclaim your broken oath. Doing so will also return the exclusive abilities attached to the oath you have chosen.

How to Not Break Oath in BG3

If you don’t want to break an oath, then simply follow the teachings of your Oath. Failing to keep your promises will ultimately result in a broken oath. Each oath that you take has a different moral code. There will be certain conditions mentioned to help you maintain each oath. Here are all of them.

Oath of the Ancients

If you want to maintain the Oath of the Ancients, then avoid doing the following things.

  1. Kill the Owlbear and her cub in the nest.
  2. Freeing Sazza in the Druid Cove.
  3. Kill Pandima, the Tiefling at the Druid Grove.
  4. Helping Mayrina revive her husband.

Oath of Devotion

Here is how to not break the Oath of Devotion in BG3:

  1. Allowing Arka to kill the caged goblin Sazza.
  2. Betraying the goblins within the Blighted Village and the Shattered Sanctum after convincing them not to fight.
  3. Torture Liam at the Shattered Sanctum.
  4. Betraying the Tieflings when rescuing Lae’zel.

Oath of Vengeance

Here is how to not break your Oath of Vengeance in BG3:

  1. Free Sazza in Druid Cove
  2. Allowing Akra to kill the Caged Goblin
  3. Torture Liam at the Shattered Sanctum.
  4. Tell Nightwarden Minthara the location of Emerald Grove

That’s everything covered on how to reclaim your Broken Oath in Baldur’s Gate 3. We hope that you were able to take up your oath again as Paladin’s sub-class. For more informative guides on the game, check out our BG3 section.