Tips To Complete Reset Circuit Breaker Mission – Resident Evil 3 Remake

You have to find four power switches to activate the power at substation.

At the Subway Station, you will see the entire area is infested with spiders. You have to find four power switches to complete the main mission Reactivate Power At Substation in Resident Evil 3 Remake. This guide will help you in completing the mission and how to deal with spiders in the RE3 Remake.

How to complete Reset Circuit Breaker Mission?

Once you are in the Subway Station, you will see four consoles. Each console has a marked location of Power Switch in the grid. With this, you will also have to fight the spiders. There are few tips that can help you to deal with the mutated spiders and find all the four power switches to complete this mission fast. Before you enter you will need to unlock Lock Pick Tool, collect the box from the corpse.

To start the mission you have to unlock the fence door using the lock pick tool. But wait here, do not do this because once you are in you cannot go out. Here is some necessary preparation.

RE3 Remake Subway Station Power Switch

  1. Collect the hip pouch to expand your inventory from the Subway Station office. It is in the right corner.
  2. Collect Green Herbs and combine them. Keep enough G+G Herbs in your bag.
  3. Craft enough Handgun Ammo and Shotgun Ammo. You will need this.
  4. Remember the generator locations, blue light on it means you can shoot and yellow means battery is drained.
  5. Follow the power switch map, to reach the exact point. Spiders will attack you, but if you have enough herbs you can survive.

How to find Four Power Switches?

RE3 Remake Circuit Breaker 1

From the entrance take the first left and take another one and you will find the first Circuit Breaker switch at the end of the route. Just press the switch and head to the second one.

RE3 Remake Circuit Breaker 1

For the second one from the last location walk straight and take the second right. The switch is at the dead end.

RE3 Remake Circuit Breaker 1

For the third one, from the entrance take the path straight to the end and turn left. Take another left towards the dead end and you will find the third Circuit breaker switch in RE3 Remake.

RE3 Remake Circuit Breaker 1

For the last and final one, you have to enter the fence door and take the stairs to go a level up. Walk over the wooden planks and get down on the other side. Walk to the end of the grid to find the last and final power switch.

RE3 Train Route Puzzle Solution

After activating all the switches return back to the Subway Station. Now the final part of this puzzle is visiting the Subway Station and set the train route. This one is also a puzzle, here is the solution for this. But it won’t be that easy, because the Nemesis boss will follow you. There is no use of fighting him, just run. At the office, you have to program the route settings.

RE3 Remake Train Route Puzzle Solution:

  • RE – 01
  • FA – 02
  • RA – 03
  • SA – 02
  • FO – 01

That’s it the train route is set. Return back to the station, but before you will have to deal with Nemesis. Check our guide on how to defeat Nemesis Boss in Resident Evil 3 Remake.