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Resident Evil Village All The Fish Locations

Here is where you can go fishing in Resident Evil Village.

Hunting seems to be taking a considerable amount of attention in RE Village and for good reasons. The fish can be taken to Duke to make some of the finest dishes such as Three-Flavored Mititei and Sarmale de Peste. You can cook 4 dishes out of the fishes which not only taste mouth-watering but also give the player some permanent buffs. From increasing speed to increasing health permanently, you need to go on this fishing trip. In this location guide, we will tell you where to find all the fish locations in Resident Evil Village.

List of All the Fish Locations in Resident Evil: Village


Below are all the 6 locations along with the number of fishes you can find there in RE Village:

Location 1 – Near Dimitrescu Castle

Loccation 1


This fish location is near a save point after exiting Dimitrescu Castle in Resident Evil Village. There will be a door that has a narrow tunnel. Follow this tunnel which will lead to a small water body inside it. You can get 3 Fish spawns here.

Location 2 – Pond Under the Bridge leading to Castle Dimitrescu

Pond of Dimtrescu


This is one of the fish locations that have 3 fish spawns in Resident Evil Village. It is in the pond that is under the bridge of the Castle Dimitrescu entrance.

Location 3 – The Drained Area Next To Moreau’s Reservoir

Drained area


When at this location, there is a path leading to a small water body that goes underneath the broken windmill. You will get 4 catfishes there. But you will have to really concentrate to see the fishes as most of them will be hidden quite deep in the water.

Location 4 –  Inside Otto’s Mill

Resident Evil Village Fish Locations

Go inside Otto’s Mill and find his storage. There you will get a stored fish and a few other poultry items in this location of Resident Evil Village.

Location 5 – By the Boat Ride Point of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Fish Locations

After you unlock your first boat ride in the game, as you get off the boat and walk straight, you will see that on your right is a way leading to a small cave. This cave has a pond that will have 3 fish spawns in this location.

Location 6 – Finest Fish Location in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Fish Locations

The game also features a golden fish called the finest fish. This fish can only be obtained once you have access to a crank. On the location which is near Moreau’s place, use the crank to lower yourself on the boat and once in the boat, go in your left direction and follow the South river path until you see a small docking area on your right. Get off the boat and take the first left path that will lead you to a small pond where you can find the finest fish and 2 other normal fishes in RE Village.

So that is all for all the locations where you can find fish in Resident Evil Village. If you would like to know more about the game, do check out our RE Village Wiki page that we have.