How Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor meter work and how to change it?

The honor meter in Red Dead Redemption 2 will decide what sort of role does your character takes in the narrative of the game. It plays a very pivotal role in the online version instead of the single player mode as your character traits define how the game responds to you, gamers all over have been pondering about its inclusion in the online mode and to sum it up, it pretty much that depends upon your actions, it also affects how NPC’s respond to you and just in case if you think of doing a 180 on your plans you can seek an NPC who can instantly change from honorable to dishonorable and vice versa.

Affects of Honor Level in Red Dead Redemption 2

What the game thinks about you is matters as it directly affects your gameplay and in some cases few missions will lock or unlock for you depending on your honor meter. An honorable player might get asked to escort a caravan and protect it from attacks, for example. On the other hand, a dishonorable player might get the task to spring somebody out of jail. So in short it really matters how you play and how you want to play as the game will keep adjusting itself to satisfy your needs.

rdr2 honor meter

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If you would like to instantly change your honor meter there’s an NPC that goes by the name of Old Man Jones and can be found in several locations throughout the game, on the map look for a cowboy head that’s half white and half red. You can pay him to become dishonorable, even if you have an honor meter that’s all the way into honorable. The only catch is that you need to pay him three Gold Bars.

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