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Razer Kishi Brings Switch Joy-Con Features For Stadia & xCloud

Mobile Phone Game Controller

At CES 2020 Razer introduces a new unique controller or a pair of advance joystick designed for Android Smartphones by Samsung, Oppo or Google Pixel and iPhone models. This new controller is dedicated to game streaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud. Similar to Nintendo Switch which has a removable joystick on sides, Razer Kishi carries similar features for a smartphone.

It comes in a pair of two joystick modules with dedicates keys, d-pad, R and L sticks. Termed a universal controller practically Razer Kishi does not work on all android smartphones, it will fit well with recent Samsung devices, Oppo 1+ and in the video below Engadget, you can watch a demo of Kishi on Google Pixel.


Kishi looks like an extremely conform controller that comes with Type C connectivity that promises minimum latency. Yes, Kishi does not connect with Bluetooth, it likes plugging in a device directly to the Type-C port of your Android or iPhone mobile. The Android version of Kishi features connectivity with Type-C and the iPhone with a lightning connection. While playing, you can also charge your device.

Kishi can turn to be a highly useful joystick controller for games like PUBG or COD or Fortnite on Mobile devices, where touchscreen limits usability. The demo video clearly depicts Kishi controller can make device something similar to Nintendo Switch. Build on compact form factor it is targetted for Razer Phone 2 owners.


However, Razer in its press release also shared the Kishi is designed to compatible with most smartphones, especially with Cloud Game Streaming.