How To Turn On Ray Tracing In Minecraft

Here is how to Turn On Ray Tracing in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a wonderful blocky world. The game was made in a very unique art style that not many games can pull off. Although there is a way to enhance the graphics of the game. I am going to show you how you can turn on Ray Tracing in Minecraft.

How To Turn On Ray Tracing Minecraft

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Ray Tracing in gaming basically means that light sources in-game behave accurately to light physics. Prior to NVIDIA RTX, games had to guess how light and shadows would react to in-game objects. Now real-time Ray Tracing is possible thanks to NVIDIA RTX. To use Ray Tracing in Minecraft, all you need to do is just install a version of Minecraft. It’s as easy as that, well supposedly. This is supposed to be a PC-only thing but there will be a downloadable version for the Xbox.

How to get the Minecraft RTX version

The easiest way to get Minecraft RTX, which is the version that has Ray Tracing for Minecraft, is on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. All you need to do is to go to the Microsoft Store and search for Xbox Insider Hub. Install and download it if not done already. Upon opening the Xbox Insider Hub, click on menu icon > Insider Content > Games > Minecraft for Windows 10. There will be an option to join, click on it to get the BETA experience for Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX BETA, and then click on Done. Once you do it will automatically apply to your game. Mind you this may delete other worlds that you have so make sure to back them up.

For Minecraft Java Edition you will have to install the Optifine Mod. It is a shader mod that lets you install shaders into Minecraft easily. You can install the ray tracing shaders and use them with Optifine. This isn’t true Ray Tracing as it is officially supported by Bedrock and Windows 10 Edition. Once you do have it installed just go to your video settings and under advanced settings, there will be an option to Turn On Ray Tracing. Ray Tracing is not available on Mobile as of now, console well don’t have it but there will be a version released in the future.

This is how you can Turn On Ray Tracing in Minecraft. Hopefully, this has helped you understand what Ray Tracing is and how to get it. You can also check our guides on Riptide Enchantment and Best Minecraft Enchantments for a Crossbow.