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How To Farm Raw Materials In Pikmin 4

Here are the best farming methods for getting more Raw Materials in Pikmin 4.

If you have progressed far enough into the game, then you will need to know how to farm Pikmin 4 Raw Materials. You will first learn of this material when you meet Russ, the inventor of Rescue Corps. The collectible resource is used to craft items as well as make bridges and climbing walls. Luckily, this resource is not that difficult to find at all. However, you will If you are looking for the best farming methods for raw materials in the game, then check our guide below.

How to Farm Raw Materials in Pikmin 4

raw material farming

Raw materials in Pikmin 4 are usually in the form of large piles of light blue rocks. These crystal-shaped materials are not that rare to find. But there are certain spots where you can get them in plenty. Mentioned below are the best farming spots for Raw Materials.

Look out for Large Piles

As you explore the above-ground areas of the game’s various regions, you will be able to spot large piles of Raw Materials lying around. Always keep your eyes peeled whenever you unlock a new area on the map.

Excavate Dirt Mounds

Another way to farm raw materials in Pikmin 4 is by digging dirt mounds. These Anthills contain the blue rock-shaped materials that you are looking for. Put your Pikmins at work to excavate these Dirt mounds and gather more raw materials.

Destroy Obstacles

You can also earn Raw Materials by destroying obstacles in Pikmin 4. Obstacles such as clay walls, gates, hydro jellies and other similar objects. Break them for a chance at getting raw materials.

Complete Side Quests

Another guaranteed way to farm raw materials is by completing your side quests. So, apart from focusing on the main story, try finishing side quests as well to earn raw materials as a reward.

Defeat Enemies

Lastly, killing your enemies is also the simplest way to farm raw materials in Pikmin 4. Enemies sometimes drop raw materials when defeated. However, they might only drop a few materials at a time.

That’s everything covered on how to farm raw materials in Pikmin 4. We hope our farming methods helped you out. For more tips like this, head to our Pikmin 4 section on Gamer Tweak.

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