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Halo Infinite: Ranks In Order & How Tiers Work?

Looking to reach Onyx rank in Halo Infinite? Learn the ranks order that you have to climb before getting there.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer has been released and you can enjoy it with your Friends. And since the game is cross-platform it increases your chances of going with your squad instead of playing with randoms. That opens up the possibilities to quickly rank up. But whether you play with friends or random strangers it won’t be easy as there are a lot of ranks in this game. So in this guide let us check all the Halo Infinite ranks in order and how the tiers work.


Halo Infinite Ranks Order (Competitive)

ranking system explained for halo infinite

The highest rank you can get in Halo Infinite is Onyx, but getting it isn’t easy as you have to climb 5 more ranks to get here. And these 5 Ranks have their own tiers which you need to climb. Here are all the ranks in Halo Infinite.

  • Bronze I – Bronze VI
  • Silver I – Silver VI
  • Gold I – Gold VI
  • Platinum I – Platinum VI
  • Diamond I – Diamond VI
  • Onyx

Each time you win a match you get some Exp. The better you play the more Exp you get. If you happen to lose a match then you won’t gain any Exp. So it is important to see how well you play in a game in terms of carrying your team or getting carried. be sure to practice in quick matches or other game modes before entering the Ranked Arena. This will help ensure that when you play a Ranked match you are warmed up and play well.


How does leveling up work?

As explained above, winning matches will grant you Exp, which will help you climb the tiers of your rank. So if you happen to start from Silver III then you will need to win matches in order to climb to the next tier that is Silver IV. And this step is to be repeated until you climb out of Silver Rank and reach Gold. Similarly, when you keep ranking up you will eventually reach the Onyx rank.

How to know your Rank?

In order to find out your rank, you first need to complete 10 matches. Your performance in these matches is important as it will assign you your rank. Based on your skill level you will either start from Bronze I or if you are highly skilled then you can also start from Diamond I. And that means the better you play the higher rank you start from. However, if you play badly then you will start from a lower rank.


A good thing is that this game allows you to choose whether you want to play against anyone or just controller players. This feature is handy for Xbox Players or PC players who prefer playing with a controller.

These are the settings that you can find common in all ranked matches:

  • There will be Static Item spawns.
  • Friendly fire is enabled.
  • The grenade hit markers are off.
  • Combat sensors will be disabled.
  • Each player is given BR75 Battle Rifle at the start.

That covers this guide on the Rank Order in Halo Infinite and how the different tiers works. And while you are playing this game also check our other guides on how to fix user is banned and best PC settings for Halo Infinite.