Call Of Duty Mobile Ranks – How To Level Up Fast

Want to achieve the highest Rank in Call of Duty: Mobile? Here is what you should know before reaching that feat.

With millions of fans playing Call of Duty Mobile, the best way to stand out is conquering all the 7 Ranks in a Season. I mean, it always feels better to show up on your server’s leaderboard. But it won’t happen unless you have the wisdom of the Ranking System. To help you learn about it, we will explain everything about COD Mobile Ranks. Also, we will provide some tips to advance to the highest ranks faster. That being said, let’s get started.

Here are all the COD Mobile Ranks

All Ranks in COD Mobile Explained

Before you learn about the Ranking System, I want you to take a quick look at all the achievable Ranks in this game.

  • Rookie (I-V)
  • Veteran (I-V)
  • Elite (I-V)
  • Pro (I-V)
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Legendary

As you can see above, there are in total 7 Ranks available in COD Mobile that start from Rookie and culminate at the Legendary Rank. The first four Ranks (Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro) are further divided into 5 sub-ranks. And for the Master, Grandmaster, and Legendary, there is no Rank Division. So it is safe to assume that reaching any of the last 3 Ranks is a great deal.

How Does Ranking System Work in COD Mobile

Much like any other game like PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends, you need to gain XP to earn Ranks. It goes without saying that you will gain XP after winning a match and lose XP if you suffer a loss. Each Rank has an associated reward that you unlock after reaching it. It’s obvious that you will get precious rewards if you end your season with a higher Rank.

To reach the highest Rank, that is the Legendary Rank, you will need 8000+ XP points in COD Mobile. For a detailed understanding, check out the table below:

RanksRequired XP Points
Rookie I0-200
Rookie II201-400
Rookie III401-600
Rookie IV601-800
Rookie V801-1000
Veteran I1001-1200
Veteran II1201-1400
Veteran III1401-1600
Veteran IV1601-1800
Veteran V1801-2000
Elite I2001-2200
Elite II2201-2400
Elite III2401-2600
Elite IV2601-2800
Elite V2801-3000
Pro I3001-3300
Pro II3301-3600
Pro III3601-3900
Pro IV3901-4200
Pro V4201-4500

It is also important to note that after completing a season, you will be dropped by a few ranks. For instance, if you ended a season with Pro V Rank, then you will be dropped to Veteran V Rank. This is to ensure that the players grind each season to claim their prize.

Tips to Rank Up Fast in CODM

The best way to Rank up in COD Mobile is by grinding and polishing individual skills. The more time you spend in-game, the more you will get accustomed to the environment. And if you have a communicative team alongside, then your chances of winning a match increase.

Aside from this, you can also make use of the Double XP Cards to increase your XP earnings. Every once in a while, you will receive such cards and I suggest you cash them in to get more XP. But make sure to use them on the right spots. That’s because, you more likely to get tougher enemies as you advance through your Ranks.

With that said, I hope you now know everything about the COD Mobile Ranks and its Ranking System. If you are a great fan of this FPS, then this is just the right place for you as we have covered plenty of Call of Duty: Mobile Guides on Gamer Tweak. So, you can refer to them if you ever get stuck.