Tekken 8 Ranked System Explained And All Ranks List

Want to show everyone that you are the strongest player in Tekken 8? You should start climbing the ranks!

Tekken 8 has done a major revision in its ranked system and made quite some changes when compared to Tekken 7. They have eliminated the Kyu rank as such when you rank up from 2nd Dan you become a Fighter. But if you are new to the series you must be confused about what this all means and how can it affect you. Worry not, below is a list of all ranks in Tekken 8 and also how the ranked system and its points work.

Tekken 8 All Ranks

All Tekken 8 Ranks
Image Credits: Tekken Fandom. All Ranks in Tekken 8.

Here are all the ranks in the game and the points you need to have to reach that rank:

  • Brown Ranks
    • Beginner – 0 Points
  • Silver Ranks
    • 1st Dan – 400 Points
    • 2nd Dan – 1000 Points
  • Light Teal Ranks
    • Fighter – 1600 Points
    • Strategist – 2600 Points
    • Combatant – 3400 Points
  • Green Ranks
    • Brawler – 4200 Points
    • Ranger – 5400 Points
    • Cavalry – 6400 Points
  • Yellow Ranks
    • Warrior – 7400 Points
    • Assailant – 9200 Points
    • Dominator – 10800 Points
  • Orange Ranks
    • Vanquisher – 12400 Points
    • Destroyer – 14700 Points
    • Eliminator – 16600 Points
  • Red Ranks
    • Garyu – 18500 Points
    • Shinryu – 23100 Points
    • Tenryu – 27300 Points
  • Purple Ranks
    • Mighty Ruler – 31500 Points
    • Flame Ruler – 36500 Points
    • Battle Ruler – 41100 Points
  • Blue Ranks
    • Fujin – 45700 Points
    • Raijin – 52300 Points
    • Kishin – 58500 Points
    • Bushin – 64700 Points
  • Golden Ranks
    • Tekken King – 70900 Points
    • Tekken Emperor – 79100 Points
    • Tekken God – 87900 Points
    • Tekken God Supreme – 97300 Points
  • Diamond Highest Rank
    • God of Destruction – 109699 Points+

How Ranked System Works in Tekken 8

Much like most games in order to climb ranks in Tekken 8 you need to win matches to earn points. However, there are a few changes in the ranked system from the previous game, most notably the departure of Kyu ranks. You also won’t be demoted until you reach the Warrior Rank. As such, after hitting this division, each time you lose a match you also lose points.

Also, after hitting the Garyu rank it can get significantly harder to rank up due to the game now requiring more points before you reach each new rank. Last but not least, you cannot repeatedly rematch the same opponent, so you and your opponent only get two more rematches, making it a best-of-three. After that the game will disconnect the two and find each a new opponent.

What are the Rewards for reaching the God of Destruction Rank?

God Of Destruction Rank Rewards In Tekken 8
Image Credits: IKniveZI. Tekken 8 God of Destruction rank rewards.

When you reach the highest rank in the game you unlock the following player customization rewards:

  • God of Destruction Plate
  • God of Destruction Panel
  • God of Destruction Health Gauge

That’s all for how the ranked system works in Tekken 8, the ranks list and all points needed to reach them. If you just started out and are looking to improve your game you should check our guides on the best beginner characters and how to remove special style.