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Overwatch Rank Distribution & How They Work

Wondering how many people are in the same rank as you in Overwatch? This guide will give you the rank distribution for it.

Many players are interested to learn about the rank distribution in Overwatch. It is one of the games that still has a massive player base. Rank distribution is nothing but the ranks of all the players that play the competitive mode of the game. It tells you the percentage of players in a certain rank out of the total players in the game. People like to learn about the distribution to see where they lie with the other players. So in this guide let us check the Overwatch Rank Distribution and how ranks work.

Overwatch Rank Distribution

overwatch rank distribution

Below is the complete Rank Distribution of players in Overwatch.

  • Bronze: 8%
  • Silver: 21%
  • Gold: 32%
  • Platinum: 25%
  • Diamond: 10%
  • Master: 3%
  • Grandmaster: 1%

The above rank distribution is for 2018 as given by Jeff Kaplan an Overwatch developer. There hasn’t been any newer information for the same since then. So it is safe to assume the stats the newer stats will be very close to it or might even be the same.

How do the Ranks work

As you can see above there are a total of 7 ranks in this game. These ranks are determined by your SR also known as Skill Rating. Below is the SR you need to have to be in each rank.

  • Bronze: 0 – 1499
  • Silver: 1500 – 1999
  • Gold: 2000 – 2499
  • Platinum:2500 – 2999
  • Diamond: 3000 – 3499
  • Master: 3500 – 3999
  • Grandmaster: 4000 and above

The SR you get or lose for each match depends on your performance in the match and the queue you pick. For players that want to get their SR based on the role of the character, they can use Role Queue. And for the players who have been used to the older form of competitive play or the ones who don’t want their role to play a major role on the SR can play Open Queue.

That covers this guide on the rank distribution in Overwatch and how the ranks work. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to fix voice chat and how to fix the login error. And if you are facing issues with the server then learn how to check server status and the Overwatch DDoS attack on servers.