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Overwatch DDos Attack 2022 – Blizzard Servers Down?

Here's why you are getting the Overwatch error bc-101 and other connection issues.

Are you getting a server connection error while trying to login to Overwatch? Many players are reporting the Overwatch error bc-101 and the reason why it happens is due to the client’s failure in connecting to the server. In December 2021, this issue occurred due to a DDos attack and the Blizzard servers went down. This is all you need to know about this issue.

Overwatch DDos Attack related Login Errors – Blizzard Servers Down?

Overwatch DDos Attack Blizzard battle net Servers Down

Overwatch and other Blizzard Battle.net games players are currently facing server issues, login errors and more related to a DDos Attack. All you can do from your end is to avoid competitive play. That’s because as per this thread on the Blizzard forum, penalties cannot be reversed from disconnections even if they are due to server issues like what we are experiencing here. So, to be safe, avoid playing Blizzard games until the problems are resolved from the developers’ end.

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What is a DDos Attack?

DDoS is the abbreviation of Distributed Denial of Service. As mentioned by cloudflare.com, it’s a “malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic.” There are three main types of DDos attacks, they are Protocol attacks, Application layer attacks, and Vaolume based attacks. Some of the common attack types are SYN Flood, ICMP Flood, NTP Application, and more. So, it’s basically an overload of traffic causing a block that disallows the real traffic from coming in.

How to know if the issues are fixed?

You can check out the official Blizzard forums for any note or updates from the developers. Plus, keep an eye on Reddit, Twitter, or other social media communities related to Overwatch or other Blizzard games. Then there’s the official Twitter page for Blizzard as well that will post an update whenever necessary.

Once you see posts that mention that the errors have been resolved and the DDoS attack has been mitigated, only then log back in. The login errors such as Overwatch error bc-101 should no longer occur at that point.

That’s basically the gist of what’s happening with the DDoS attacks on Battle.net/Blizzard. This isn’t the first time this happened, as it happened in November 2021 as well. Due to a DDos attack, players can expect high latency as well as disconnections. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon.

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