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Rampart Of Apex Legends Lobby Pose Leaked Ahead Of Official Reveal

Look alive sunshine!

As we all know Rampart is the latest legends that is going to join Apex Legends when Season 6 commences on August 17, 2020. Well, her lobby image has been leaked and she looks absolutely amazing.

Rampart is a legend with Indian origins in Apex Legends and until now, we’ve only been able to uncover the facts that she’s a master modder and weapon crafter.

Season 6 will also bring crafting and modding to the game, which will be the first time a battle royale game will bring full-fledged crafting to the game.

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Respawn Entertainment and Apex Legends have been at the forefront of innovation ever since Apex Legends was released back in February 2019.

Rampart looks like she will bring new weapons to Apex Legends Season 6 which will surely bring a ton of players to the battle royale game.

apex legends rampart

The leak was posted by Redditor u/YsfA no other information was provided by checking out the trailer we can take a guess at her abilities.

Her ultimate ability seems to activate a one-way shield with a machine gun in the middle helping her decimate the battlefield while keeping herself safe.

Rampart will surely play a huge role in the main storyline of Apex Legends, Season 5 had Ash teased as one of the characters with Loba’s quest. Do you think she will make a cameo in Season 6?

Let us know what you think about Rampart and if you will unlock her on day one and use her as your main in Season 6.