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Rainbow Six Quarantine Release Date Leaked via Ubisoft Connect

Shortly before the start of the weekend, we received the possible release date of the cooperative shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine. This appeared on Ubisoft Connect and suggests that the release will not be too long in coming.

At E3 in 2019, Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Quarantine, a new cooperative shooter for consoles and PC. After Ubisoft pointed out in October 2020 that the title is planned for a release between April 1, 2021, and September 31, 2021, after a COVID-19-related postponement, the final release date of the PvE shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine could now have been leaked.

This appeared on Ubisoft Connect and suggests that Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released a little earlier than expected. In the corresponding product entry on Ubisoft Connect, it is said that the game could be launched on March 21, 2021.

Since an official confirmation is still pending, it is also conceivable that we are dealing with a placeholder or a simple error. Let’s wait for an opinion from Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is in development for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and, according to official information, it will also be optimized for the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

In terms of gameplay, we are dealing with a cooperative PvE shooter in which up to 3 users form a team and face a grim danger.