Rainbow Six Extraction – How To Remove Yellow Spores?

Here's our guide on how to get rid of the blinding yellow spores in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Are you having trouble with the glowing yellow spores in Rainbow Six Extraction? These blinding spores are rather annoying to Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. Imagine randomly sprawling down places and a yellow spore attaching to you. Now as harmless as it sounds they can potentially lower your health. You can encounter these spores in unexpected small spaces or on the walls and ceilings. These yellow spores could also explode after attaching to you and your allies if not removed. Not to worry, this guide on how to remove yellow spores in Rainbow Six Extraction will help you out.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Spores in Rainbow Six Extraction?

  • Firstly, as you see these glowing yellow spores keep a safe distance from them as they can attach to you.
  • Once they are attached to you, it will blind your vision temporarily and release a poison that can lower your health. It can do a great deal of damage to you and your allies.
  • Shoot them with any weapons from a distance before they stick to you or your allies.
yellow spores rainbow extraction
Image Source – Arekkz Gaming on YouTube
  • If they are attached to one of your allies, you can remove them by weapons or using melee. And if they are attached to you, you can tell one of your allies to remove them by shooting weapons or melee.
  • It’s best to use silent weapons to not attract any of the Archean enemies nearby.
  • Also, proceed with caution and look out for these blinding yellow spores that can lower your health.
  • Instead of engaging with it, you and your allies can avoid them by keeping a safe distance from these yellow spores.

That’s all on how to remove yellow spores in Rainbow Six Extraction. If you liked this guide, make sure to check our article on how to heal Operators in this game. Moreover, here’s info about all REACT gadgets too.

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