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Raid Shadow Legends: How To Get Ninja

Here's how to get Ninja in Raid Shadow Legends for free & find out the best builds.

You must be wondering, how to get Ninja in Raid Shadow Legends. Don’t worry we got you covered. Ninja is the latest champion in the RSL roaster. He is available for everyone but only for a specific time then there will be no other way to get him. So today we will look at all the requirements to get Ninja as a champion in Raid Shadow Legends.


How to Get Ninja in Raid Shadow Legends?

RAID Shadow Legends how to get Ninja

To get Ninja in Raid Shadow Legends for free, by a 7-day daily login between July 16th to October 15th, 2021. Ninja is a super rare limited-time-locked Champion. He may only be obtained once, and he cannot be summoned via Shards, Fragments, Codes, or any other source. However, once you have him, you may have him permanently. Everyone can get Ninja for free by checking into the game for seven days, but you must do it before the deadline of October 15th, 2021.

But keep in mind that when the deadline passes, your time is up, and if you miss out, then you can’t get Ninja ever. That also implies we’re sorry if you’re reading this in the future. However, there is always the possibility of getting some additional rare champions in the future at one of the forthcoming events.


Okay now we know about how to get Ninja in Raid SL, let’s look at champion in a bit more detail.

Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Skills

To get the best build for Ninja in Raid Shadow Legends, you need to know about these skills and abilities. Ninja’s true distinguishing feature is that all of his Skills inflict additional damage on any victim labeled as a Boss. So here’s the official in-game info about the Ninja Skills:



Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 45% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns. Also fills this Champion’s Turn Meter by 15% when used against Bosses.


Attacks 3 times at random. Each hit has a 75% chance of placing [HP Burn] for 3 turns. Also places a [Perfect Veil] buff on this Champion for 2 turns.
When used against Bosses, will instantly active any [HP Burn] debuffs, including [HP Burn] debuffs placed by this Skill.


Cyan Slash

Attacks all enemies. Has a 75% chance of placing a [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn.
When targetting a Boss, will only attack the Boss (not all enemies) and will ignore 50% of the target’s DEF. Will also decrease the cooldown of the Hailburn skill by 1 turn.

Escalation (Passive)

Increases Ninja’s ATK by 10% (up to 100%) and C.DMG% (up to 25%) each time a single enemy is hit by all three of Ninja’s Active Skills in a single Round. This effect can occur multiple times against the same enemy. When fighting Bosses, will increase Ninja’s ATK by 20% (up to 100%) and C.DMG by 10% (up to 25%) instead.

Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Build

raid shadow legends ninja build

So with this info, your build must focus on these particular abilities to inflict damage on the Boss and use the skills accordingly. His initial Skill Shatterbolt, for example, has a high probability of applying a 60% Decrease Defense debuff. This is fantastic, but if Ninja uses it on a Boss, he’ll instantly increase his individual Turn Meter by 15%. Hailburn, the second talent, hits three times randomly and causes the Burn debuff, which is already a fantastic debuff for bosses, but there’s more. If Ninja uses this skill on a Boss, all Burn debuffs are activated immediately, even those that were recently applied. Using three attacks, you can deliver up to 9% of the boss’s maximum HP in damage, on top of the damage from the strikes. That’s a lot of damage from a single champion.

Ninja’s third talent is Cyan Slash, which is an AoE attack that has the potential of freezing the opponents it strikes. That’s powerful in most areas of the game, but because bosses are typically resistant to Freeze, you would believe it won’t be effective over them, though you’d be mistaken. In Boss fights, this skill completely changes the game. If Ninja uses this Skill against a Boss, it becomes a single-target strike that bypasses 50% Defense.

Additionally, his Passive, like all his other abilities, comes with a Boss fight boost. Ninja’s Passive Skill Escalation boosts his ATK and Critical Damage for the rest of the round anytime he uses all three of his other skills on the same target. His numbers can skyrocket with time, implying that the longer combat lasts, the stronger he becomes.

Raid SL Ninja Masteries

Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Masteries

There are a couple of different ways of obtaining the Ninja Mastery:

  1. As a reward for slaying the Minotaur, go to the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, defeat the Minotaur and obtain the Mastery scrolls.
  2. Another alternative is to store Gems obtained from the Daily Advanced Quest rewards, Mine, and other sources.  With the gems, you can buy the maximum number of Mastery Scrolls required for Ninja Mastery.
  3. The gems are also available in sale for actual money at the Shop, which is located under the Bank tab.

Keep in mind Ninja is one of the best champions you can bring along with you while facing the dangers of Teleria, with his special skills focused on boss attacks. So make sure you grab him before the time runs out

That’s everything about how to get Ninja, Ninja build, skills, and mastery in Raid Shadow Legends. If you are wondering about who are the best champions in Raid SL, then check out our Raid Shadow Legends Tier List. And if you want some free rewards, you can check out our Raid SL Free Promo Codes, also