Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List: All Classes Ranked (2023)

Check out our Ragnarok Origin Global Class tier list ranking all the Classes from best to worst.

With our Ragnarok Origin Global Classes Tier list, you can save time and choose the best job class. Being a mobile RPG and counterpart to Ragnarok Online, there are several job classes in this game. But many players are confused about which job classes are good. We have compiled a tier list ranking all the Global classes from S+ Tier to C Tier. So, check out our below tier list ranking all the classes from best to worst.

Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List – Best Job Classes Ranked

ragnarok origin class tier list

Currently, there are six job classes in Ragnarok Origin Global to choose from. The best and overpowered job classes are placed in the S+ tier while the worst classes go down to C Tier. Along with ranking their tiers, we have also included their promotion classes and description.

So, here’s our Ragnarok Origin Global Class tier list ranking all the job classes from best to worst:

S+ Tier

  • Magician/Mage: Releases destructive power by harnessing the power of different elements. Best suited for long-ranged combat.
    • Wizard
    • Sage
  • Acolyte: Offers buffs to teammates along with healing and reviving them.
    • High Priest
    • Monk

A Tier

  • Swordsman: Strength-based and powerful melee skills with a strong physique.
    • Knight
    • Crusader
  • Merchant: Uses Mammonite to utilize riches and throws damaging gold against your foes. Merchants are naturally talented with business and trading skills.
    • Blacksmith
    • Alchemist

B Tier

  • Archer: A highly mobile and agile character that can shoot arrows at enemies from a distance.
    • Hunter
    • Dancer

C Tier

  • Thief: Best-suited characters for stealth and striking your enemies from precision at close-range.
    • Assassin
    • Rogue

Aside from our rankings, we suggest experimenting and trying out the Ragnarok Origin job classes that suit you best. In the end, it all comes down to your experience, playstyle, and gameplay. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you. In the meanwhile, check out our list of redemption codes for free rewards.

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