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Ragnarok The Lost Memories Heroes Tier List May 2023

Here is a Tier list on the Heroes of Ragnarok The Lost Memories.

Ragnarok The Lost Memories is an RPG developed by Gravity Interactive. In this game, you can go exploring the vast world of Ragnarok, complete Quests, make Friends, do battles, and so much more. Ragnarok The Lost Memories have uniques characters called Heroes that will help you in your adventures. Some of these Heroes are better than others. So in today’s guide, I will show you the best Ragnarok The Lost Memories Tier List.

Ragnarok The Lost Memories Tier List

ragnarok the lost memories heroes

Here is the Heroes Tier List in the game and what each tier represents.

Tier Hero
S Elinee
S Katherine
S Neur
S Switzer
S Xiaolin
A Ophelia
A Perr
A Surf Morrick
A Xeno
B Cana
B Cariot
B Erhorn
B Rina Wardotir
B Victoria
C Cordelia
C Lucia
C Modan
C Naki
C Natalie Carma
F Bard
F Paue

The Heroes in this list are not arranged in any order aside from the tier they belong to. Having a combination of the best Heroes in Ragnarok The Lost Memories will help you win any battle. As we can see in the Tier List, S-Tier has the Best Heroes in the game at the moment where each of them is amazing in their respective class. The A-Tier in the List consists of great Heroes so you can’t go wrong in picking them. The B-Tier in the List consists of decent Heroes in Ragnarok The Lost Memories. They are not the best nor the worst. C-Tier consists of the bad Heroes. The F-Tier are the Heroes that you shouldn’t even consider using as the other Heroes can do their job better.

This was the Tier List of Ragnarok The Lost Memories Heroes. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Ragnarok The Lost Memories Codes.