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Rage 2 Everything Vs. Me Trailer Reveals The Real Taste Of Insanity

You Get The World Or The World Gets You


While our mind was blown away by Rage 2 action pack preview videos we got another big dose of insanity in Rage 2 Everything Vs. Me Trailer. It brings out what really Rage 2 is about, a chaotic world filled with insane factions, lethal hazards, smug cliffs, exploding barrels, invisible ninjas, glowy cyborg, maniac goons, and much more. There is no one to trust, not even buffaloes.

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Recently the Weapons and Abilities trailer showed different power a player can use against the enemies, from pushing with a blast of kinetic energy to crashing into the grand with high speed and releasing an devastating shockwave that can destroy almost anyone/anything in the vicinity. If you had missed it then click the above link or scroll down to watch what happens when insanity rules.

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