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Rage 2 Weapons & Abilities Reveal Trailer Out

Its So Much Fun To Kill


Watch the latest Rage 2 Weapons and Abilities video, that shows a two minute of absolute mayhem. The video reveals four amazing new abilities Shatter, Vortex, Barrier & Slam.

  1. Shatter: Push enemy high into the air, throw him off the cliff or just have fun releasing a burst of energy. It will make you feel like Thanos.
  2. Vortex: Summon a globe of energy that consumes multiple enemies nearby and explodes. Can be used for teleportation, but we are unsure about the feature.
  3. Barrier: Call the mother of all shield in front of you that can block from bullets to a missile.
  4. Slam: Fly in the sky and crash on the ground with a full force that releases a powerful shockwave to throw everyone upside down. The Thor Effect.

The trailer also shows Big F Guns, the weapons powerful enough to turn anyone into ashes. This is something you cannot miss.


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