Rage 2 Preload Time & Download Size – PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Are you ready for the wasteland?

Rage 2 is officially releasing on May 14, 2019 on Tuesday and its preload starts four days before. We bring you important updates on when you can start Rage 2 Preload download at what time and on what date, so that you can be prepared if you had already pre-ordered this game. For Xbox and PS4 the exact download size is not revealed, but based on Steam PC storage requirements the game will be somewhere between 50 to 60GB for consoles.

Rage 2 Preload Time & Download Size

The game will be available from May 10, 2019 1 PM ET. Later Rage 2 will be playable starting from May 13 for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia at 11.01am ET. On the same day on May 13 Rage 2 will be unlocked for the Rest of the Word at 8.00pm ET. Next day on May 14 the game will unlock for North America at 12.01am ET.

So depending on the time zone mark your exact time of playing Rage 2. The game pre-load size as per Steam PC storage requirement is 50GB. This means the game will be somewhere below 50GB or in between 50 to 60GB in size.

If you are still planning to pre-order the game then you will earn a chance to get Cult Of The Death God Mission that includes Nicholas Raine Armor, Settler Pistol and a new Mutant Monster Truck. Along with standard edition, there is also a Digital Deluxe Edition that carries some additional pre-order Bonus like BFG 9000, Rise of the Ghost Expansion, Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes, Battle Standard, Mutant Monster Truck Skin and the Pre-order missions.