Calling A Combat Vehicle In Rage 2 Will Cost You Money

Nothing Is Free In This World

Rage 2 brings a new arena of battle, fly in the air, release kinetic power to throw an enemy high above the ground or just land like Thor with a thump and turn everything upside down. The game trailers we had seen recently was amazing and it looks Rage 2 has still a lot to offer.

Rage 2 features a set of Combat Vehicles each one powered by different weapons, has unique stats and weak points. These combat vehicles are available through the “Vehicles” Menu of Rage 2, with the list you will also see a cost to call in. Yes, there is nothing free in this world. Your drive will charge to come and once you have you can take it anywhere, it just does not disappear.

But the vehicles can get destroyed and they will need repairs and upgrades. Every vehicle description will show what things can be fixed and what upgrades will make it better. We had a guide for that. Call in a vehicle has a small fee, just pay the amount and call the vehicle in and drive it to the place you want. For more info read our Guide- Rage 2 Combat Vehicles – List, Vehicles Stats & Call-In Price.

Rage 2 has certain limitation to call up a ride, if you are in a battle or on a location without roads you cannot summon it. Till now we had seen tanks, racing cars, hovercrafts, bikes, etc. We had not received the full list, but do you think will there be spaceships also?

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