Tips & Tricks To Build Raft in Stranded Deep

Take a look at the best tips & tricks to build Raft in Stranded Deep easily.

Stranded Deep is all fun and adventurous until sharks flip your Raft. In this survival game, the player should be mindful and efficient about using their resources. As the resources are pretty scarce, the players might run out of them pretty soon, forcing them to explore other islands in the Pacific Ocean. When it comes to traveling across water, the raft you are planning to use must be fast enough to dodge shark attacks. Moreover, it should also be spacious enough to carry a good amount of survival items. If you are not sure about what kind of raft you should build then we are here to help. Below are all the important factors and tips to build a Raft in Stranded deep.

Best Tips for Raft Building in Stranded Deep

Best Tips for Raft Building in Stranded Deep

Here are all the best tips & ideas to build a Raft in Stranded Deep easily. Before you move ahead, in order to make a raft the player must be at least Level 2 with a Hammer ready to go. Until then you’ll be stuck with the standard Life Raft and oar you get at the beginning of the game. If you already have all the things you need then without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

Build Small Rafts

The first thing you should focus on while crafting a raft is its small size and speed. Bigger ones can surely carry a good amount of resources but can be troublesome to stir quickly. On the other hand, small rafts are pretty easy to turn around, giving you an upper hand to escape from the sharks. We recommend you craft a 3×2 or 3×3 raft which is pretty quick and can hold an adequate amount of supplies.

Craft Enough Sails

Many players have a hard time changing directions quickly. To solve this issue we recommend you use sails to move in other directions easily. So make sure you have enough of them on your raft and you’ll be good to go. Only using one sail might give you a hard time exploring the ocean.

Carry Jerrycan All the Time

If you are a veteran player and have already crafted a Motor, then make sure you carry enough fuel. Or else you might end up stuck in the middle of the water and starve to death. So don’t forget to carry the Jerrycan whenever you sail. For those who are unaware, Jerrycan is used to store fuel and can be easily found inside plane wrecks and shipwrecks.

Craft Raft Canopy – Tips to Build Raft

Raft Canopy can be a lifesaver when you are out on the hunt under the burning sun. The shade will protect you from UV damage and keep your sunlight vital meter stable.

Build Containers

Crafting some containers on the Raft is one of the best tips you should keep in mind to survive in Stranded deep. Containers will allow you to store all the necessary resources and help you survive longer. Make sure you carry items like bandages, antidotes, food, and more. Moreover, it’ll also come in handy to store the Spears to fight off enemies while exploring new islands.

Use Anchor

Last but not the least, using an anchor goes without saying. This item will not only make your life easier but also keep your raft stable. Once you equip it you don’t have to be worried about dragging your raft to the shoreline and simply leave it as it is in the water.

These were all the Raft tips that will help you throughout your adventurous journey in Stranded Deep. While you are here check out how to flip a Raft in the game. For more tips & tricks check out other Video game guides.