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Far Cry 6 All Radio Songs List – Soundtrack Wiki

Here is the Radio Songs list wiki from the Far Cry 6 soundtrack.

Ubisoft has managed to bring new songs and even some classics we love in the new Far Cry. Also, Dani can sing along to these songs on the radio stations while driving vehicles. Now exploring Yara is more fun than the previous maps in the long-running game series. So if you are enjoying the radio songs but don’t know all of them don’t worry, we will give you the names of all the songs in the game today. So let’s look at the Far Cry 6 Soundtrack Wiki for songs list playing on the in-game radio.

Far Cry 6 Soundtrack Radio Songs Wiki List

Far Cry 6 Soundtrack Radio Songs Wiki List

Here is the Radio Songs list wiki from the Far Cry 6 soundtrack:

Far Cry 6 Radio Songs List Artists
Jump! Alexis Play
1, 2, 3 Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto
Abuse of power Gabylonia
Alien love Franktony
Antifa dance Ana Tijoux
Rainbow Ronny Jordan Flow, Jordizy
Under the Yara sun Hilario Duran
Dancing Everything is Forgotten Aymee Nuviola, Baby Rasta & Gringo
Looking for you Niko G, Lenier, Jacob Forever
Yarana Cadence Hilario Duran
Heating Havana The jackal
Chalice of Love Bowen and Villafuerte
Chalice of Love The Pamperos
Callejero (Remastered) Hard Currency
Revolutionary Path Gabylonia
Beautiful song El Micha, Diana Fuentes
Letter to the Tyrant Gabylonia
Celia’s Hey How It Goes (Hey How It Goes) Celia Cruz
Check The Rhyme Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band
Kitchen room Mel V Blaze, Martell
Cocomanimbo (ft. Jesús Alejandro) Dj Ricky Campanelli, Jesus Alejandro
As it should be Alexis Play
Calmly Daddy Yankee, Snow
Conga! Miami Sound Machine
Happy Fruko Y Sus Tesos, Joselito
Cream, Cream Pirulo and the Tribe
When we are away Alexís Muríllo, Los Nemus del Pacifico
Cuba Linda Qbanoamerikano Pico, Pachi
Cuban groove PAUZA
From East to West Diana Fuentes
Money Trinity cardona
Doubling the Dose TIMBALIVE, Roberton ‘van Van’
Blame me Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato
Educate yourself now Pitbull, Jason Derulo
Love has no age The Nemus of the Pacific
The fire Tom Ford, Lee Richardson, James Cocozza
The village Alexis Play
The Son of the Train Fruko Y Sus Tesos
That Doesn’t Fail Me Ghetto Kumbé
This is what it is Barbaro the Urban Vargas
This is for my people Rilabeats
F ** k you Barbaro the Urban Vargas
Phantasmagoria Malefics
Crazy feeling Hector Hernandez
Fire Stereo Bomb
Guajira (I Love U 2 Much) Good herb
Until the Malecón dries up Jacob forever
Havana – Remix Camila Cabello, Daddy Yankee
Hellride Gamblers Mark
Here We Kum Molotov
Hilario Duran La Sonora Yarana
Yarano National Anthem Ariel contreras
Hitboy Duki, KHEA
Today I Drink Pitbull, Farruko
HP Maluma
Hurricane The Pamperos
Insomnia Bowen and Villafuerte
Barbarism Barbaro the Urban Vargas
The key Los Del Caney, Ever Manyoma
La Gozadera Gente De Zona, Marc Anthony
The woman is to love her The Nemus of the Pacific
The Pegadera The Taiger, Damian
The blonde Charity daw
Life La Life Good herb
Life changed me Diana Fuentes, Local People
Black tears The jackal
Latina Pumva
Legacy Opening Formell and the Van Van
Legacy Opening Los Van Van
Pretty and beautiful The Nemus of the Pacific
Livin ‘La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
Loiza Tego Calderon
The ways of the life Vincentian
Full moon Hard Currency
Macarena Those from the river
Mambo Yarano La Sonora Yarana, Rosa Mel
March “We are Yara” Ariel contreras
March of the True Yarano Ariel contreras
Me want party Irie kingz
Mercedes Okan, Telmary
My little ranch Fruko Y Sus Tesos, Piper Pepper
Nothing to do with na El Taiger, El Keru, Dj Conds
Don’t die at party Los Nemus Del Pacifico, Alexis Murillo
For what Ana Tijoux, Pj Sin Suela
Hair Nitty scott
Penitent The Pamperos
Tamarind pulp Celia Cruz
Pxssy Powah! Nitty scott
What a night Lenier, El Micha, Jacob Forever
Que Pull Pa Lante Daddy yankee
Quiéreme (feat. Abraham Mateo & Lary Over) [Remix] Jacob Forever, Farruko, Abraham Mateo
Get off the Via Perico Ismael rivera
Reality Methanium
Downsizing La Reyna And La Real
Resisting Methanium
Rumba de la Buena Aymee nuviola
Jump! Alexis Play
See-Line Woman Yolanda Castillo
Original feeling Tony Succar, Isaac Delgado, Haila
If you don’t come back Zone People
They are Montuno The godparents
Dreams of liberty Porfi Baloa
Talent and Money The Jackal, The Micha, Jacob Forever
Wassamatter Baby? Good herb
Welcome to Miami TIMBALIVE
What a Bam Bam Amara La Negra
Yara For All Hilario Duran
I learned Danay Suarez
Zumba Don Omar

Here’s a YouTube video from Vipulul showcasing Dani jamming along to Havana song in Far Cry 6:

That’s the list of all the songs you can listen to on the radio in the Far Cry 6 soundtrack wiki. So if you wanna know more secrets, then make sure to check out our Far Cry 6 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.