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Victoria 3 Radicalisation Causes: How To Prevent Radicalism

Here's what you should know about Radicalism in Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 is a game that is highly based on the structure of society. Whoever plays this game should have a great deal of interest and knowledge in Politics. As we know, this game revolves around the happenings in the 19th Century. The period wherein multiple phenomenons like Industrial Revolution and Colonization took place. Several ups and downs were seen in society during that period. One common issue arising in society during that period was Radicalism. As mentioned earlier, this game is based on the structure of society, and the issue of Radicalism has been showcased in the game too. If you are facing the issue of Radicalism in this game, then this guide is all you need. Check out this guide that features the factors that cause Radicalism and some ways to prevent it in Victoria 3.


Causes of Radicalisation in Victoria 3

Causes & Prevention For Radicalism In Victoria 3

Those who have studied Political Science must know that Radicalism is the belief in the hearts of the people who think that society needs to be changed. This makes the Radicals use Revolutionary ways to bring change that brings a lot of chaos in the process. Although, what causes the Radicalism in Victoria 3? Check out the following points to know.

  • A person develops Radical belief when:
    • His Standard of Living does not meet the expectations.
    • His Standard of Living observes a constant downfall.
    • If they feel discriminated due to their religion.
    • If they are fired from their job due to a change in workstyle.
    • When the political demands of their Interest Group have not been fulfilled.
    • Some other turn of events causing them to turn into Radicals.

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How to Prevent Radicalism in Victoria 3

The most effective way to reduce Radicalism in society is by gathering a more Loyal Population. Here’s what you can do to prevent Radicalism by making the population loyal in Victoria 3:

  • Increase the Standard of Living
  • Introduce Laws like Social Security, Health System, Workplace & Office Safety, etc.
  • Introduce Institutions like Militarised Police Force and Dedicated Police Force that prevents Radicalism among people in Victoria 3.
  • Make sure that the people are offered Internal Security like No Home Affairs and Guaranteed Liberties.

That’s all about the causes and prevention of Radicalism in Victoria 3. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Victoria 3 guides.