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How To Put Away Wand In Hogwarts Legacy (Controls)

Wondering how you can sheathe or holster your wand in Hogwarts Legacy? Here are the controls that'll help you put it away.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Potterheads can customize their wands as soon as they start the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest and visit Ollivander. The game lets you pick your wand in the early stages because you are going to need it from the very beginning. However, it might get irritating to see your character run around with the wand in hand whenever you cast a spell. If the same issue is bothering you, then you can always holster it. So without any further ado let’s see how you can sheathe or put away the wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

How Can I Put My Wand Away in Hogwarts Legacy? (Sheathe Wand)

How Can I Put My Wand Away in Hogwarts Legacy? (Sheathe Wand)

To put your wand away or holster it after casting a spell in Hogwarts Legacy all you have to do is stand idle for a few seconds. Doing so will force the character to hide the wand in its sleeves. However, it seems, as of now there are no other ways or buttons bound to do the same. On the other hand, there are also some speculations that the developers might add the option soon in the upcoming update. Till then you are stuck with standing still for some moment to sheathe the wand. Or simply keep it in your hand while you explore the corners of the wizarding world.

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Apart from this, there’s also one restriction that has been bothering the player. i.e. Once you select a Wand at the Ollivander’s shop, there’s no going back. The player will be stuck with the same wand till the very end of the game. So we recommend you make a choice wisely or simply link the Harry Potter fan club account to transfer the wand of your choice.

That sums up all about how you can sheathe or put your wand away in Hogwarts Legacy easily. While you are here take a look at the list of Wand Handles available in the game. Also, check out the 2023 upcoming games’ release date calendar.