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Should You Pull Makima In Nikke: Goddess Of Victory (Answered)

Check out why you should pull Makima in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory’s latest collaboration with Chainsaw Man brings Makima as a character that you can pull. However, players are wondering whether she is worth it. If you’re a fan of anime or manga, then you must know how powerful Makima is. But is she of any use as a Nikke? Can she hold her own in this third-person shooter? We will answer all your questions about Makima in this game.

Should You Pull Makima in Nikke Goddess of Victory

Makima Skills in Nikke

Makima is an SSR Defender with Burst Type 2 and an SMG as a weapon. Here are all of Makima’s skills:

Show Me What You Got (Skill 1): This is a passive skill in Makima’s arsenal that affects all the allies. It activates when she is attacked 20 times by enemy units. Once activated, it gives the following buffs:

  • Reloading Speed: Increased by 36.96% for 10 seconds.
  • Defense: Increased by 14.78% for 10 seconds.

Seems I’ve Been Noticed (Skill 2): This is another passive skill. However, it only affects Makima. There are two prerequisites to activate the skills. After landing 120 normal attacks, here’s the first skill activates in this set:

  • Attract: Taunts all enemies for 3 seconds.

While taking lethal damage, the following skill activates in this set:

  • Gain Indomitability: For 7 Seconds (Activates 1 time per battle)
  • Burst Skill: Cooldown reduced by 11.58 seconds

Can You Be Quiet (Burst Skill): This is an active skill with a cooldown time of 20 seconds. Once active, it activates the following powers:

  • Gain Pierce: For 10 seconds.
  • Lifesteal: Recover 34.02% of attack damage as HP for 10 seconds.
  • HP Potency: Increased by 41.02% for 10 seconds. (Activates during indomitability)

Note that these values are based on Skill Level 10, and can change depending on Levels.

Should You Pull Makima

To give you a straightforward answer, you should pull Makima in Nikke: Goddess of Victory.  Her taunting skills are one of the major highlights and can help you win the battles. However, as you must’ve noticed, most of her skills only affect her. So if you are looking for a character that buffs your team then Makima isn’t the right pull for you. But since this is an event, collectors should definitely try to get her.

That’s all from us on should you pull Makima in Nikke: Goddess Of Victory. While you’re here, make sure you visit our Codes guide to get free rewards.