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Diamond Tier In PUBG: What Is It And How To Achieve It?

Master the skill of gaining rank in PUBG.

PUBG entertains over 400 million gamers from around the world and without a doubt, none of the players are equally skilled at the game. Thus, it is only fair to divide the whole lot of them into ranks. This ensures fair play among the clan and motivates them to rise above in their ranks.


PUBG has 8 listed ranks that can be assigned to players based on their rank points. Starting from lowest rank, i.e. Bronze all the way up to the Grandmaster, there is a clear cut distinction based on your number of successful matches played, time spent on the game, achievements in-game as well as the wins.

What is the Diamond Tier?

Here is the list of ranks allotted in PUBG, along with their designated rank points –

Bronze → 1 – 1399
Silver → 1400 – 1499
Gold → 1500 – 1599
Platinum → 1600 – 1699
Diamond → 1700 – 1799
Crown (Elite) → 1800 – 1899
Ace (Master) → 1900 – 1999
Conqueror (Grandmaster) → 2000+


The Diamond tier places you midway between the conventional rankings and the exclusive in-game rankings. The Diamond tier is divided from I to V and gaining these ranks ensures your entry into the big league, unlocks you a number of bonuses, and saves you a slot in the PUBG World Championships.

Although gaining rank points in PUBG is no easy task, every game you play contributes to your promotion and demotion in the game. All you need is a guide to help you gain your points strategically and help you climb the ladder of ranking to reach the Diamond tier with ease because beyond that the game becomes barbaric and gaining ranks becomes tougher.


How to reach the Diamond tier faster in PUBG?

Here are a few tips that will glide you through the game rankings with ease –

  • Hone your shooting skills and stealth combat. Here is a guide that will help you improve your shooting abilities in PUBG.
  • Try to survive for long in a game. Survival time adds on to your rank points and matters more than your kill points which add a mere 20% of your total rank points.
  • Focus on mastering a single-mode rather than playing in each and every. PUBG allows you to gain rank points from only the Classic mode, so make sure you get the hang of playing in all 4 maps of this mode.
  • Reviving your teammates helps you gain rank points after all friendship comes first.
  • Use hefty vehicles like the Zima cars found in the Vikendi maps. They will be your lifeline when you are idling around the map hunting for enemies. Avoid buggies and bikes that make you an open target for your enemies.
  • Your Squad matters the most, hence try to choose your teammates consciously and wisely. If you all share a good partnership, chances are that you will survive longer in the game, and if you all are skilled enough, you might as well win the game.

This is all that you will ever need to rank up to the Diamond tier in PUBG. Once you reach there, the game becomes more than surviving through the battles, so make sure to be well versed with every map and weapon of the game, your life might depend on it someday.


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