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PUBG Mobile Season 15: Revealed Rose Moon Dacia Skin, Update 1.0, And Other Leaks

Find all the leaks about PUBG Mobile season 15.

The soon to release PUBG Mobile season 15 is almost here, and the developers have revealed a few clips that give us some clues of what all we can expect in the coming season. Here’s what all we know until now.


Mark The Arrival of Erangel 2.0

The update in the Erangel map is around the corner and is going to be released on September 8, 2020. The addition to the weaponry called M1014 will be available in the PUBG Mobile update for 1.0. Players can also see new changes in the environment with tweaked building designs in several areas of the map. Another thing that can be noticed in the previews is that abandoned trenches, tanks, and barricades will also be a part of the Erangel 2.0 map.

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PUBG Mobile Erangel map update


PUBG Mobile leaked skins for season 15

Rose Moon Dacia Skin

Rose-colored Dacia with a symbol of the moon on it will be available for players to grab in season 15. You can get your hands on this cool vehicle once you cross level 20 pf the Royal Pass.

M762 Beryl skin

This skin will be available for a free version of the Royal Pass. It will give the weapon a skin of black and yellow color making it lucrative in the game. Players can get this beauty once they reach level 50 in season 15 Royal Pass.


Kar98k Skin

It is blue and black colored mixed skin for this weapon. It was one of the rarest weapons spotted in the beta version.

There are also a few more skins that are rumored to be a part of the PUBG Mobile season 15 such as the aqua lion skin for AKM and the golden-blackish skin for bikes.


Set Your Eyes on The New Character

Participating and completing a mission called the “Ace Union Mission,” will get players a whole new character as a reward. The reward is expected to be a new “JEDI” character.

Embrace Season 15’s Whole New Outfits

According to the clips, there are a total of 4 upgradable outfits revealed until yet for season 15. Players will gain access to these outfits as they progress in the Royal Pass. There’s also a possibility that fans may witness a unique Halloween lobby in the new season.

These leaks have made me a bit more excited about PUBG Mobile season 15. We will keep updating and uploading new posts as soon as we find out something interesting about the upcoming season. Make sure to visit our news section to never miss anything about the best and most played game on mobile devices.