PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass, Theme, Rewards, Update & Release Date

Here's everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 15.

With PUBG Season 15 is merely a few days away to get it started, a lot of rumours surrounding the Royal Pass, Rewards and Skins are doing the rounds on social media. If anything to go by data miners, the 15th season of PUBG will be based on the Moon theme. If rumours turn true, PUBG players will be able to see plenty of skins and outfits with a moon symbol on them.

Besides its central, the developers of PUBG are leaving no stone unturned to include various other exciting and fascinating rewards, making the 15th season even more special.

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In this article, we will be talking about PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass, Theme, Rewards, Release Date and Update 1.0.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass reward Leaks

#1 Rose Moon Dacia Skin

Rose Moon Dacia vehicle skin is the first reward that has been leaked on the internet. The four-wheeler Danice comes in Rose colour and that’s why it is called ‘Rose Moon Dacia’. If you take a look, you will see a moon symbol on it. You can unlock this skin at 20 level of PUBG Season 15 Royale Pass.

You can have a look at the reward here:

Rose Moon Dacia Skin

#2 M762 Beryl skin

The second skin that has been leaked by the data miners is M762, which will be introduced in the free version of PUBG Season 15. The weapon M762 comes in a combination of yellow and black colour, making it look like a premiere skin. It will reportedly be available at level 50.

M762 Skin

#3 Kar98k Skin

The Kar98 Skin will surely be the rarest reward of the PUBG Season 15 Royal Pass. However, the name of the skin is yet to be unleashed by the developers. The final look of Kar98 was spotted in the beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.0.0.

If you take a look at Kar98, it comes with a blue ribbon wrapped all over its body, followed by a black colour finish.

You can check out its final look:

Kar98 Final Look

New Era Announcement

The official handle of PUBG Mobile informed players that they will be bringing a brand new Era in PUBG Mobile Season 15. If you watch the video, you will notice the upcoming season will have better graphic and light transmission effect as compared to the ongoing season.

Royale Pass

You must have an idea that PUBG Mobile brings a new Royal Pass in every season. The Royal Pass usually costs 600 UC (in-game currency), which is roughly translated to Rs 775, £7.87, or $10.36. If you go for Elit Royale Pass, you will have to shell out 1800 UC, or roughly Rs 2325, £23.60, or $31.10.

However, how much Royal Pass would cost in PUBG Mobile Season 15 is yet to be known. As soon as they reveal the amount, we will update this article.

Update 1.0

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is all set to get an update 1.0. It is likely to be dropped around September 8, 2020.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 release date

The official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile informed players that New Eranger will be arriving on September 8th.

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