PUBG Mobile Crossbow Guide – Tips To Use 105 High Damage Weapon

The best weapon after AWM

PUBG Mobile can be highly competitive due to long-ranged weapons. In such games using a close combat melee weapon can results in instant death. But some weapons are too good to ignore. For example, the most popular AWM rifle used by millions of players worldwide. It is not right to stick with one weapon, because it limits your gameplay. One weapon that may sound old-school but comes with 105 damage can be highly effective if used at the right time. Here is our guide on PUBG Mobile Crossbow, how to use it in the battle.

Pro Tips to Use Crossbow in PUBG Mobile

Crossbow is a slow weapon, not like AWM rifle. Auto-rifles can shoot at distance, but crossbows are different. There is a specific reason to keep this old-school weapon in the game. It is attached with high damage and can serve as lethal at close range. So if you are confused about what to keep in your load-out then do consider Crossbow in PUBG Mobile.

Medium range weapons are worst in PUBG Mobile if you are too far from the enemy. So considered as a good backup, you will need to practice a big with the crossbow to get accurate hits. With over 105 damage the crossbow can be highly effective after AWM. Compared to shotguns, pistols, this old school weapon can give you a sure kill if anyone tries to grab your soul.

Using Crossbow is slow, so be patient with the weapon. Also, it all relies on how often you use this weapon. It is not like you just pulled out, shoot randomly and enemies die. The weapon requires accurate projectile to heat the target and damage a high amount of health in seconds. Target has to be in a range of around 50 to 200 meters. The more near the easier to kill.

If you are shooting a moving target do not waste your arrows. Shoot from a cover. Try to lure the enemy near you and then hit with a few arrows, there are 5 in the mag. One or two on the right spot and a kill.

So this is how you can effectively use Crossbow in PUBG Mobile, a high damage weapon against modern weapons like SMG’s, Machine Guns, etc.