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Phantasy Star Online 2 Class Tier List Ranked From Worst To Best

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PSO2 Class Tier List will show you the best classes that you can pick for your player so that you can go on ARKS adventures along with your friend. Each character class has different things to offer and we’ve listed our favorite ones in order right below.


PSO2 All Classes Tier List

This PSO2 Class Tier List will ensure show you which character classes are the best and most versatile when it comes to exploring the game. Phantasy Star Online 2 has a total of 9 character classes and these will help you to dictate the style of your gameplay.

  • Summoner
  • Braver
  • Bouncer
  • Force
  • Techter
  • Gunner
  • Fighter
  • Ranger
  • Hunter

What Is The PSO2 Class Tier List

C Tier Class In PSO2 New Genesis

9. Summoner

The Summoner does not have any weapons of their own, but they can command animals to attack their behalf. Every time you level up, the pets will grow stronger and this will in turn make your character that much better.


Your primary job is to provide buffs to your pets while trying to be safe, it is a delicate balance but worth it and certainly not for inexperienced players.

8. Braver


There is nothing scarier than a veteran Braver player with a Bow and a Katana charging at you. The embodiment of style, class & temperament.

A good Braver player can single-handedly take care of a large number of enemies but the learning curve can be a bit daunting and not recommended for a lot of players.

B Tier Class In PSO2 New Genesis

7. Bouncer

Bouncer class players prevail in getting in and out of fights repeatedly, they will just enter the fight, cause damage and be out of sight before you can make sense of the situation.

Status ailments and elemental attacks with Jetboots are their signature moveset. You’ll never even see them coming, as being nimble and effective is how they prefer to fight.

A Tier Class In PSO2 New Genesis

6. Force

Big blasts and bigger chaos is the Modus Operandi, this class is all about making a name for themselves and being remembered. If you’re someone who’s good at planning massive impact zones you should definitely pick up this class on this tier list.

Along while causing damage, players can effectively dodge out of high damages to keep themselves safe. This is surely one of the most balanced and fun classes to play as.

5. Techter

Techter is the pure support class in PSO2 New Genesis, this class can cause high damage as well as mob enemies and collectively eliminate them. Your dedication to the team and in the offense will be the key to victory.

As a support character, you’ve got to have everyone’s back with buffs and correct timing of spells, this is one of the toughest class to play as in PSO2 New Genesis but one with a high reward.

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S Tier Class In PSO2 New Genesis

4. Gunner

Gunners like to get up close and personal with their enemies as they prefer close combat as opposed to long-ranged. Their biggest asset is the Twin Machine Gun which can be modded with Assault Riffles, making the class virtually unstoppable.

Gunner class prevails in being mobile and at the same time, they’re really good at massive damages that can rock the battlefield.

3. Fighter

Melee attacks have never been this good and powerful before, hand to hand combat is the preferred mode of attack and who would blame them when normal attacks are so powerful.

You can literally change the course of the battle with this class, it is simply one that you cannot go wrong with and with increased damage just single-handedly dominate the battlefield.

2. Ranger

Ranger class is one of the best and easiest to pick up in PSO2 as all you have to do is line up enemies in your sight and take them down one by one. This class has the power to eliminate threats even before they become threats and have your melee-based and close-ranged teammates not be overwhelmed.

A good ranger can offer a ton of support and save teammates during dire moments, while there are ways where you might feel vulnerable it is a give and take relationship with the teammates that must be balanced for this class to excel.

S+ Tier Class In PSO2 New Genesis

1. Hunter

The most balanced class in PSO2, there’s basically everything that Hunters can do that can be found in other classes. A mix of all that will offer you numerous avenues to challenge enemies and take the battle in your hands.

Be it close-range attacks or long-ranged, there’s always a mix of things that is available for this particular class and because of its versatility and usage.

This is the PSO2 Class Tier List, which ranks each class with S+ being the best and C being the weakest that you can get.

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