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PS5, Xbox One X Will Not Release In Holiday 2020 – DFC Intelligence Report

Coronavirus can impact new console launch

Coronavirus pandemic has taken a serious turn impacting major events and launches in the Gaming Industry. The biggest gaming event E3 2020 is put on hold this year affecting the official release of new games for 2020. A fresh update is coming up from WCCFtech, where according to an news Coronavirus impact will also affect the release of PS5 and Xbox One.

Based on a research by DFC Intelligence, there are chain of events that could impact the release of next-gen console shifting their date to the next year at the most. However this is just an claim, there is no official update from the manufacturers.

2020 was a big year for Gaming where next-gen console were scheduled to enter the market. Triggering a new war of ultra-realistic graphics, high end performance and the end of loading screens. Coronavirus impact is serious and to an extent DFC Intelligence report points to an major points that can deflect the release of PS5 and Xbox One X.

Coronavirus is likely to have a major short-term impact on the delivery of both systems. There is a strong likelihood one or both systems will not make a 2020 launch. If the systems do launch, supply will likely be constrained and initial pricing could be higher than expected.

Currently, the economy is in an unprecedented state of uncertainty. Even if the situation clears up in a few weeks, the ability to manufacture and release a high-end new game system has already been severely impacted.

DFC Intelligence report also reveal the outbreak will impact the delivery of new consoles, there can be a few new models out in 2020, while major release can reschedule to 2021. This will also impact on the price of PS5 and Xbox One X, expected to be much higher then what was speculated.

Sony and Microsoft has not shared any official update for the console launches from their end. Based on what is going on we might not be soon seeing new consoles. For more updates on latest gaming news stay tuned to GamerTweak.com.

Source: WCCFTech