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PS5 Will Inspire Developers To Create Expansive Worlds – Sony

New console coming this holiday

Sony shared a very shot intro on CES 2020 revealing the new PS5 logo and hints on what PS5 would be. Sony also revealed the console is coming on holiday 2020 which means there will be a ton of details coming in E3 2020. PS Boss Jim Ryan introduced the new logo and shared five core features of the new Sony PlayStation 5.

Among all the five features the brand new Sony PS5 controller will feature Haptics / Adaptive Controls. This is going to change the way we play games on Sony Playstation. On PS4 vibration was the default way of interacting with games but with Haptics / Adaptive Controls the way gamers connect with the game will change as per the short intro of features revealed during CES 2020.


PS5 will inspire developers to create expansive worlds with new gameplay experiences that are more immersive than ever before in how look sound and feel – Jim Ryan

Nintendo took an entirely different approach towards its gaming console Switch where a removable Joy-Con controller is an ideal example of how adaptive feedbacks work. Does this indicate Sony PS5 Controller will have an additional key or trigger support or removable parts? Well, this is more like speculation based on the core features, the statement by Jim Rayn is clear enough to point the PS5 controller will not similar to the regular one.

Xbox adaptive controller is designed for people with disabilities allowing them to assign custom triggers to various game controls. Is this what Sony is planning for PS5?