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PS5 UI Reveal Teased By Burger King for This Week Possibly?

It seems that PS5 UI will be revealed this week. This is at least indicated by a corresponding teaser that was circulated on Twitter.

Even if the PlayStation 5 will finally see the light of day in about a month, various aspects of the console are still waiting for its official presentation. Including the PS5 UI or user interface, about which we have received various unconfirmed details in the past few weeks.


According to current rumors, the user interface of the PS5 could be unveiled this week. This is at least indicated by a corresponding teaser that was circulated by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Burger King via the online platform Twitter.

In the said teaser, the Burger King itself can be seen opening a bag from which a blue light shines. At the same time, the supposed boot sound of the PlayStation 5 can be heard. Interestingly, we can hear the same boot sound that was heard in various leaks in the past.


Finally, in the context of the teaser, reference is made to October 15, 2020. We can assume that we are dealing with the date when the user interface of the PS5 will finally be revealed.

In the past few weeks, we have received unconfirmed details about the user interface of the PlayStation 5. Among other things, there was talk of the UI being completely redesigned compared to the PS4 in order to ensure the most comfortable user experience possible.


For example, according to the leaks, it should be possible to access selected content such as certain chapters or other aspects of a game, which, thanks to the console’s fast SSD, can be loaded within a few seconds. To what extent the rumors are true, we might find out this week.

The PS5 will be released on November 12, 2020, in the USA, UK, and Australia, while it will release worldwide on November 19.