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PlayStation 5 User Interface Reveal Coming Soon With “100% Overhaul of PS4”, Sony Confirms

Recently, we have had the opportunity to take the first look at the official PlayStation 5. Even though we already know the design and the versions that the new generation console of Sony will look like, there are still many details yet to discover about it.

During the presentation of the system, Sony did not give a preview of its startup animation, but did not reveal anything about the interface that the console will have. Recent patents revealed some details on the said element, but its final design has not been revealed. However, everything seems to indicate that this will change in the coming days, as Sony confirmed that it will soon show the user interface of the PlayStation 5.


Matt MacLaurin, vice president of user experience design at PlayStation, recently stated that they are preparing a surprise for PlayStation players and fans. The executive assured that they will soon reveal the user interface of PlayStation 5. The team in charge of this important element has worked to offer a complete review of the interface of PlayStation 4. This means that the interface of PlayStation 5 will have quite a few differences.

MacLaurin described the new interface as somewhat more pragmatic and as a “100% overhaul of PS4 UI.” In addition, the manager stressed that it will feature “some very different new concepts.” According to the manager, the interface of PlayStation 5 is intended to be practical first of all. “It’s a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface,” added MacLaurin.

Another feature that was highlighted is its speed, which apparently will be quite dynamic. “Most important is experience goals measured in milliseconds across the entire UI,” MacLaurin concluded.


Unfortunately, no additional details were revealed about the interface, nor was a possible date for its disclosure mentioned. On the other hand, Jim Ryan recently spoke about the backward compatibility of the console and assured that it is on the right track.

PlayStation 5 is slated to debut later this year.