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PlayStation 5 Boot-Up Screen Teased In the Middle of the Presentation

Today finally, after so many months of secrecy on the part of Sony, the PlayStation 5 design was revealed. As with every new console release, it will bring with it a new boot-up screen that will greet players every time they turn on the system. The PlayStation 5 will be no exception and Sony took advantage of its past introduction to also unveil this animation.

If you were very focused on all the games that were presented, it is very likely that you have missed the boot-up screen animation of PlayStation 5, which was hidden among so many games revealed. The reveal of this animation occurred prior to the gameplay presentation of the new Astro Bot game.

The new Animation will be familiar to PlayStation 3 Users

The boot-up sequence is quite striking because it has details that all players who had a PlayStation 3 will remember and that many missed it out. We are talking about the light trail that stood out on a dark color screen. On the PlayStation 5, this flare effect from small particles causing lens flare will make a comeback and it will not go until the players press the PS button.

Also, it is possible to identify a slightly different sound than the one made by PlayStation 4 when turning on and pressing the start button. In any case, if you missed it, we invite you to check out the animation in the video below.

Today a lot of Sony’s next-gen console was revealed, as it will actually be sold in 2 versions, one that will focus on the digital experience and the other with physical format support. If you want to know everything that was announced, we invite you to check this page.

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