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PS5 Remote Play App Appears on PS4 Consoles

A PS5 Remote Play app was discovered on the Japanese PS4 consoles, which apparently lets you play games of the PlayStation 5 on its predecessor.


Sony confirmed that the PS5 supports the so-called remote play last October. Back then there was talk of PS4 games being playable on the PS5 via the streaming app.

Sony said in October: “Yes, Remote Play from PS4 to PS5 and PS Now streaming are supported. The benefit of streaming is that you can save your storage space on PS5.” At the same time, Sony pointed out that the PS5’s Game Boost is (of course) not supported when streaming from the PS4.

Since the aforementioned article from the PlayStation Blog was devoted to the possibilities of playing games on the PS4 on the PS5, the reverse approach was not discussed any further. However, the latest reports from Japan indicate that it will also be possible to play PS5 games on the PS4 via remote play.

According to reports, the corresponding app called PS5 Remote Play is already available on the PS4 in the Japanese region, while its presence in the North American and European regions is still missing. In the description of the app, it is explicitly stated that thanks to the app, users can connect to a PS5 and control it.

The app offers the possibility to search for a PS5. In addition, different resolutions are offered in the options, including 540p, 720p (standard), and 1080p, whereby the available bandwidth is likely to be the limiting factor.

PS5 will be available starting from November 12, 2020. Pre-orders are currently not possible. But it has been known since last week that sales of the PS5 will resume on launch day.