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PS5 Could Release on November 19, As Per Availability of It’s Wall Mount on Amazon

It is not really a solid indication. But if the PS5 should hit the market on November 19, 2020, the announcement was preceded by a leak on Amazon.


Microsoft is one step ahead of Sony: Since yesterday we know when the Redmond company will release the next generation with the Xbox Series S. The launch of the Xbox Series X should take place on the same day.

When Sony will launch the PS5, however, is unclear. But a note on Amazon could shed a little more light. A wall mount is listed on the UK page of the shipping giant, Amazon, with which you get more freedom when placing your console. Third-party accessories are priced at £19.99. The date mentioned is more interesting: the wall mount is due to be launched on November 19, 2020, which could be an indication of the launch of the PS5.

But be careful: It is uncertain whether Floating Grip, as the manufacturer is called, actually knows more than the rest of the interested parties. In addition, the accessories do not necessarily have to appear on the launch day of the PS5. Nevertheless, the reference to Reddit caused a lot of speculation, but also humorous comments.

With the aforementioned wall mount, you can apparently position the PS5 quite comfortably next to the TV. According to the manufacturer, it is hand-made in Europe from high-quality materials.

However, one or the other player might ask himself how the wall mount guarantees adequate ventilation. The manufacturer writes: “When your PlayStation is installed the Mount allows for 360-degree of ventilation by tilting a bit from the wall. The Floating Grip wall Mount consists of three special developed mounting parts which ensures a solid solution that stabilizes the console when installed.”