PS5 Loud Fan Noise Caused By A Sticker in the Sony Console, Here’s the Solution

The PS5 may make annoying noises. One of the culprits responsible has since been found. In the vicinity of the fan, a sticker can come off and rub against the fan blades.

With the PS5, Sony launched a fairly quiet console. But not all buyers were calm when switching from the PS4 Pro to the PS5. Since the hardware launch this week, numerous players have reported quite different noises, including a clacking described here that does not affect all consoles.

Some owners of the PS5 are plagued by a strange and annoying noise that can be heard in all rooms in an apartment. The sound can be heard after the start of the video in the following tweet:

The suspicion quickly emerged that something was wrong with the fan. And indeed: The resolution followed in another tweet. A small sticker that serves as a label had come off the inside of the console. It came into contact with the blades of the fan and created the sound that can be heard in the video.

It’s easy to fix: In a teardown video published weeks ago, Sony showed that the PS5 can be disassembled with little effort. It should of course be noted that the guarantee expires at a certain level.

In the case described above, the side panels must first be removed, which is done in a few simple steps. For the next step, a security Torx screwdriver is necessary, as the Twitter user concerned reports.

This removed the fastening of the fan, which could then be pulled out of the console, making the label visible. The work steps can also be seen in Sony’s teardown video. It may even be possible to get to the sticker with tweezers.

Should you hear similar noises, a sticker COULD be the trigger for you too. PS5 is now available in almost all countries.