Leaked Consumer Model Of PS5 Features X Shape Design – Rumor

PS5 has the X Factor

PS5 is still lost in rumors, its design, config, etc everything is just a rumored speculation but during CES 2020 Sony revealed five core features of the gaming console that showed us Sony is serious about bringing PS5 this year. One recent shocking updates about PS5 was that Sony is skipping E3 2020 and will have its own personal conference where they will finally launch the console to the people. Sony has however spoke really less on this.

Considering PS5 leaks another rumored that came out and is really interesting is the leaked patent image of consumer model. This consumer model will be the final one sold in the market, and if the leaked image is correct to some extent the new design has a kind of X factor it. The shifted double layer look of PS5 is pretty unique where power button is placed facing upper side, instead of front as in the current model.

Sony is taking a unique approach this time and the consumer model is way different then the leaked developer kit we had seen recently through different news.