PS5: Launch Window Changed from Holiday 2020 To Late 2020 on Official UK Website

Recently, the possibility of the early market launch of the PlayStation 5 in North America was reported. The indication was provided to us by the trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, in which two slightly different periods of publication were specified for the new console of Sony, PS5.

The trailer that was featured on the official PlayStation Youtube channel is no longer visible, as it has been set as private. The channel reloaded another version of the same video without this clarification. An action that could fuel the observation or suggest a simple communication error.

However, a new element arrives that makes the possibility of a non-simultaneous publication of the console even more reliable. The PlayStation UK site has updated its pages with the PS5 launch window as well. Until a few weeks earlier, the British Playstation site indicated the release of Sony’s next-gen console for the Holiday 2020. Now the date has been changed for late 2020.

A modification that may seem tiny but that complies with what we had been able to “peek” from the trailer for the new Call of Duty. Sony and Microsoft have not yet decided to reveal the date and prices of PS5, so we just have to speculate. These small changes are sadly all we have to get an idea of ​​the future availability of PlayStation 5.

We just have to wait for who between Sony and Microsoft will give in first to reveal this important information to us. It will be decisive in deciding the purchase of the platform to be used in the next-gen. Audiences are really starting to lose their temper and we’ve seen it for reactions to NVIDIA’s announcement of graphics cards.