PS5 Has A Hidden Web Browser, Here’s How To Find It

With the PS5 you can surf the Internet, even if using the hidden web browser is very inconvenient. Twitter plays a major role in this.

A few days ago we reported that the PS5 does not come with a web browser. This is only half the truth. Because the new console actually has such software. However, it can only be used indirectly and to a very limited extent, as Arstechnica reports.

The hidden web browser of PS5 is best accessed through the Users and Accounts section in the PlayStation 5 settings. Select the option “Link with Other Services” and click on the short message service Twitter.

There your options are initially very limited. However, if you click on the small Twitter logo in the upper left corner, you will get to the normal Twitter user interface for web browsers. After logging in, you get access to the entire website and can start surfing.

Even if you still can’t type anything into the URL bar in this area, offers access to the broader web via clickable links in tweets and profile descriptions. According to Arstechnica, if the website you’re interested in has a Twitter account (or is being discussed on social media at all), finding these links is usually as easy as typing the desired destination into the Twitter search bar.

After a few random checks, the publication was able to determine that the PS5’s browser correctly displayed all pages, which consist mainly of text and images. Multimedia and/or interactive pages, on the other hand, seem to cause problems.

Despite the fact that there is no official Vimeo application on the PS5, you can load the Vimeo videos via the web browser, provided that you get to the destination with the necessary clicks. Sites like Spotify loaded but music wouldn’t play. You can read the complete illustrated report from Arstechnica here.

Even if almost every owner of the PS5 is likely to have a smartphone next to them that can be used to surf the World Wide Web, not all gamers should be happy about not having a classic and fully usable browser.