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PS5 Gold Edition At $10,000 Pre-Order Starts From Tomorrow

The British luxury brand Truly Exquisite announced that the PS5 gold edition can be pre-ordered from September 10th. Will the official pre-order phase for the Next-Gen console start soon?

The PS5 gold edition can be pre-ordered from Truly Exquisite on Thursday. More precisely, it is a 24K gold model. But that’s not all: In addition to the gold version, an 18K rose gold model and a platinum model are available, all of which are in the same price range.


You have to shell out at least 7,999 British pounds or more than $10,000 USD to get hold of one of the luxurious PS5 variants. The gold-plated headset costs £399, while the classy DualSense controller is priced at £649.

Truly Exquisite is a British company that refines electronic devices such as smartphones and headphones. The PS5 gold edition is offered in a limited edition of only 250 copies per model. In addition to the PS5, you get a DualSense controller and a headset. The whole thing is shipped worldwide free of charge in a luxurious wooden box with appropriate insurance.

Even if the vast majority of you cannot and probably do not want to afford such luxury items, the pre-order phase for this luxury model is extremely interesting. The question that arises is whether the pre-order phase for the normal PS5 will start in the next few days.


Recently, the UK retailer GAME claimed that the exact release date and price will be revealed tomorrow. Sony has not yet commented on this. In addition, the price difference between the digital version and the drive edition of the PlayStation 5 is exactly 100 pounds sterling, which corresponds to around 110 euros. This gives us an indication of what price difference the two versions will have.

You can admire the golden PS5 for yourself in the video below from Truly Exquisite: