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PS5 Custom Designs Including Spider-Man, Batman, God of War, & More Showcased

The features of the PS5 include the removable side panels, which can not only be exchanged, but also be colored with custom designs. Some owners of the new console are showing initial results on Reddit.


The PlayStation 5 was initially launched as a black and white model, although the white side panels, in particular, did not appeal to all gamers. Custom designs are not yet available in stores for the PS5. Instead, the first producers got a mail from Sony’s legal department.

Owners of the PS5 who want to wrap their console in a different design have to first lend a hand and modify the side panels of the PlayStation 5. Sometimes it works more and sometimes less, as the first creations make clear.

A modified PS5 in completely black color makes a pretty good impression. This can be seen in a picture published by Reddit user Hawkijustin.

I Plastidipped my PS5. from r/PS5

Other console owners brought in a little more color. The PS5 from user Craayoons, which is also active on Reddit, shows an orange and white copy with a skull and the PlayStation symbol in the middle:


I also custom painted my PS5! from r/PS5

We reported months ago about a PS5 in the design of Spider-Man. At that time it was still a draft that only existed on the PC. The custom console from user Akarshbansal11 shows what a Spider-Man look looks like in practice. Below you can see the console in a video:

With great next gen consoles, come great responsibilities! from r/PS5


Spider-Man naturally provides scope for variations. Another PlayStation 5 owner went for the following look:

Another customized PS5. It’s red Plasti-Dip and black vinyl from gaming

Spider-Man can also be seen on the next console, but not always alone. The games like God of War, The Last of Us and Days Gone were also used as an example. The well-known PlayStation symbols complete the design.

CUSTOM PS5 – Author: Oskunk from GodofWar

If you like it a little simpler, you can do without the details and redesign the console in one color. Reddit user RetroScience shows such a design:

Custom PS5 from consolemodding

Even Mass Effect was not spared. A black basic look was chosen for the console by the user Thirteenera. Two-tone stripes and the N7 logo serve as details on the side:

Received PS5 yesterday. Instead of playing games like a normal person, spent most of the day mask-taping and airbrushing it… Love the result though! from gaming

And how about a Batman-themed PS5? You can have a look at this unit below:

My Custom Batman PS5 from PS5

Other PS5 customers focused primarily on the controller. Below you can see few examples of what the DualSense looks like in a modified version:

I made a custom galaxy colored DualSense! from PS5

My new Black DualSense (Check first post for answered questions) from r/PS5

Just finished customizing my PS5 dualsense and gave it a classic look from r/playstation