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PS4 Or PS5 Cannot Communicate Using SSL Error: How To Fix

Unable to play your favorite EA Games? Check out our guide on how to fix the PS4 or PS5 Cannot communicate using SSL error.

There’s a plethora of different EA Game titles from popular series that keep on launching over years. These include popular game titles like Madden 23, FIFA 23, NHL 23, and more. But unfortunately, PS players are unable to play their favorite EA Games due to an SSL connection error. Due to this error, players are facing a white screen with this error on their PS4 and PS5 consoles. There can several reasons for this error. So, check out our guide on how to fix the PS4 or PS5 cannot communicate using the SSL Error.


How To Fix PS4 or PS5 Cannot Communicate Using SSL Error

You can face this error on your PS4 and PS5 consoles due to EA server outages. You can check if the EA Servers are down on their official website. If the servers are down, there’s no other option rather than waiting for a while for devs to resolve it.

fix ps4 ps5 cannot communicate using ssl error

But as mentioned earlier, there can be several reasons for this error. If you are still facing this error on launching EA Games, there’s a workaround. So, here’s how to resolve the PS4 or PS5 “cannot communicate using SSL” error code:

  • You can log in to your EA account using your PSN credentials. You can sign in to the EA or Origin account on your phone or browser by heading to their official website.
  • Hit the profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen to sign in.
  • If you haven’t linked your Origin account with your PS account, you will be prompted to link them.
  • This will allow you to link your PS ID with your Origin account.
  • Head over to the Connections section under Account Settings to check if you have linked PSN and EA or Origin accounts.
  • As soon as you sign in, you will be prompted with a window stating new Terms and Conditions for EA Sports.
  • You need to hit the Accept terms and conditions option.
  • Then, finally, launch the EA game to check if it bypassed the Cannot communicate using the SSL error on your PS console.

This should hopefully resolve the errors for PS4 and PS5. However, if it doesn’t work out, head over to the EA Support page. The Customer Support Assistance team will revert and get back to you in some time.

What Does Cannot Communicate Using SSL Error Mean?

You are encountering this error on your PS4 or PS5 mainly due to two reasons. This error can be caused because of server outages from the developer’s end (EA Sports). Or you can be facing the “cannot communicate using the SSL error” on the PS console due to another reason. That is your PSN ID not being linked with your EA Account. If you haven’t linked both accounts, you cannot play any required EA game online. So, make sure to link your PSN account with your EA or Origin account.


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