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Death Stranding PS4 Control Guide – How to Balance

Learn these controls

In Death Stranding as Sam you will be carrying a lot of cargo. While walking towards your destination there are also abandoned Cargo which will add more weight affecting the overall movement of Sam. There are certain basic controls you must learn and in this Death Stranding Control Guide you can learn all the controls to play the game easily.

All PS4 Controls


Below are the list of controls you have to remember, Death Stranding is not really much demanding in terms of gameplay, but it requires a little patience and strategy. Especially when you are moving with heavy cargos.

  1. How to scan – Press R1 to use Odradek Scanner to locate lost as well as abandoned cargo. Locate ropes and ladders.
  2. How to Hold Breath – R1
  3. How to Crouch – Press Circle and press it again to stand.
  4. How to Climb or Jump – Press X near an object to climb and X near a edge to jump. Press X again to double jump.
  5. How to Climb continuously – Hold X climb on a mountain.
  6. How to Eat – Press Square near Cryptobiote nest.
  7. How to carry Cargo on back – Press Triangle.
  8. How to carry Cargo in Right hand – Press R2.
  9. How to carry Cargo in Left hand – Press L2.
  10. How to Move – Use Left joystick.
  11. How to Run – Press L3. Press L3 again to stop running.
  12. How to Zoom – Press R3.
  13. How to balance to avoid falling – Press L2 + R2 to balance the weight in center. Use the same keys to maintain balance in a river.
  14. How to shift weight left or right to maintain balance – Use L2 or R2 to shift weight, for example if you are falling towards right press L2 to shift weight on the left, and if you are bending towards left then press R2. Too much weight cause misbalance, including low blood.
  15. How to Swim – If yo fell in water press L2 to paddle left and R2 to paddle right to reach the land.
  16. Activate Delivery Terminal – Hold Square near the terminal.
  17. How to view Map – Press Option button to view Map.
  18. How to place Marker to plot route – Press Square to begin from Point A and then press L to plot marker till the final designation.
  19. How to use Compass Mode – Press L1. Use R3 to zoom and zoom out and press Right or Left D-pad to jump to the marker. You can press Square to place a marker in the compass mode.
  20. How to Like – Press the touchpad, the big button in center to Like.
  21. How to Grab Rope – Press the Square and press again to release.
  22. How to Urinate – Walk near an rock and press L2 to prepare and R2 to let Loose.

Death Stranding has simple controls yet the way to manage cargo is tough. If you are overloaded a number of time you slip around loosing blood and stamina. The game takes you an extensive landscape where delivering object is the primary goal. Stay tuned for more Death Stranding tips and tricks.