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Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes

Looking to play prop hunt in Fortnite? This guide has codes for some of the best maps in the game.

Just like the original game, Fortnite Prop hunt is where some players hide as props, and the hunter has to find the other players. Thanks to the creative mode of Fortnite, players can play prop hunt in their favorite game. But looking at each and every map can be tedious as there are many prop hunt maps in the game. So in this guide check out the best prop hunt codes for Fortnite creative mode.

Fortnite prop hunt codes

fortnite prop hunt codes

These are some of the map codes that you should try out when playing prop hunt in Fortnite.

  • Roller Disco Prop Hunt
    • Code: 3948-7015-9316
    • Ever wanted to get the feel of what an 80s arcade felt like? If yes then this map in Fortnite is for you. Getting into this map should be easy as it follows the mechanics of other prop hunt games. This map even featured on Epic’s discovery tab, this is a feat that not many maps have achieved.
  • Lazer Tag Prop Hunt
    • Code: 9933-9770-9493
    • This map is unique because it not only lets you play prop hunt but also laser tag. Just like the previous map on this list it too was featured on Epic’s discovery tab.
  • Phone Prop
    • Code: 0722-9799-3791
    • Bored of hiding as props but still want to play prop hunt? Well if that is the case then you should try this map. Here instead of props, you hide as phone applications. This is one of those maps that really brings out the most of Fortnite Creative.
  • Western World
    • Code: 3541-6722-7262
    • If you like deserts then this map is for you. This map gives a slight advantage to the hiders due to the huge area where you can hide. But seekers should also enjoy the extra challenge of finding them.
  • Prop Hunt…but in a Taxi
    • Code: 1662-3121-3063
    • The creativity of Fortnite players knows no bounds. You have played in an arcade, in a desert, so why not play in a Taxi? Unlike the usual maps where you hide in a large area, here you hide among trash completely changing the way you play the game.
  • Modern Mall
    • Code: 1679-1165-5282
    • While it might not be as unique as the Taxi map, it is a map for seekers that seek an extra challenge. It is a huge map, making it difficult for the hunter to find other players.
  • Indoor Water Park
    • Code: 0139-3586-5803
    • Fans of theme parks and water parks this map is for you. As the name suggests, it is a water park with lots of slides and pools in it. The map is so immersive it even has a changing room that allows you to change your clothes before getting in the pool.
  • Toy Story
    • Code: 5530-6235-0681
    • A map based on the popular Pixar movie Toy Story. It is designed just like Andy’s room filled with toys. Even if you haven’t seen the movie this map is worth giving a try.
    • Code: 7257-6466-2198
    • Ever wanted to be on a Yacht, but instead of being with other people, you wanted to be an object and not be bothered by others? If this oddly specific scenario sounds right to you then you should try this map out. Because that is exactly what you can experience here.
  • City park
    • Code: 4760-0262-7171
    • If the above scenarios were too fancy and you just want to play somewhere normal then this map in Fortnite Creative has you covered. Enjoy this large map based on a city park where you can hide as props easily.

When you play on these maps you are sure to have a good time. You might not like all of them but this list should have something for everyone.

That covers this guide on the best Fortnite prop hunt codes. If you like playing Fortnite then don’t miss out on all bounty boards map locations and where to find launchpad in Chapter 3 season 1 of Fortnite.