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Fortnite Chapter 3 Where To Find Launchpad & Destroy Signal Jammer

Are you searching for the launchpad in Fortnite Chapter 3? Learn where you can find it and how to destroy it.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is live and like other Fortnite seasons, it brings a new battle pass. And if you are looking to get some XP and complete your battle pass then you must be wondering where you can find the launchpad as it is one of the tasks for this week. So in this guide let us take a look at where to find Launchpad in Fortnite chapter 3, how to destroy all signal jammers, and check their locations.

Where to find the Launchpad in Fortnite Chapter 3 & Destroy Signal Jammers

where to find launchpad in fortnite chapter 3 location

You can find the Launchpad on the island northeast of the Sanctuary. It is marked in a yellow circle in the above image. Upon arriving on the island you will hear a message from the scientist. And this will unlock the mission which requires you to destroy signal jammers. There are three signal jammers that you can find on this island. I have marked them in red circles to help you with their location.

  • First Jammer: You can find it on the beach, near the docks towards the south of the island.
  • Second Jammer: To find this signal jammer go to the north of the island and you can spot it behind a building.
  • Third Jammer: You can find it towards the southeast of the island near a windmill-like fan.

Even though I have mentioned them as first, second, and third, you can destroy them in any order. Thanks to Fortnite.gg for their interactive map. If you follow the above map locations you should easily find the Launchpad and all Signal Jammers.

In case you need a little extra help then you can also check our video on where you can find the launchpad and how to destroy signal jammers.

That sums up this guide on where to find Launchpad in Fortnite Chapter 3, destroy signal jammers, and check their locations. While you are completing the battle pass check out our guide on how to find all NPCs & their locations and learn how to use tents in Fortnite.