Project Zomboid: The Best Starting Locations

Here's our guide to choose the best starting locations in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid has come a long way from being a tech demo to one of the best isometric zombie survival games. What game greets you with “this is how I died” in its opening credits? Its mechanics and open-world leave you in wonder and horror. You are given a choice between choosing one out of four towns before you begin the game. Although you can drive to a safer base location regardless of where you start, it is critical to choose the right spawn location. Imagine choosing a town full of hordes and dying before you even explore that town. Not to worry, here’s our guide to choosing the best starting locations in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid – The Best Starting Locations

Before we begin to choose the best location. Here are the four towns to choose from:

  • Rosewood
  • Muldraugh
  • Westpoint
  • Riverside

For the players who have just begun the game, we would suggest picking a town with a lesser population of hordes.

Project Zomboid – Best Starting Location for Beginners

  • While Rosewood has many safe base locations, it has lesser loots and resources. So our choice would be to go for Riverside.
  • There are plenty of shops, loots, and resources with a lesser population of hordes.
  • As the name already suggests, Riverside is by the side of a river. As there is a river, you can do fishing over there.
  • There is a bait shop too if you require fishing tools.
project zomboid best starting location
Image Source – AllFunandJames0 on YouTube.
  • It is also a great starting location for stacking up amenities. These amenities include barrels of water, alcoholic drinks, supermarkets, weapons, tools, and looting some great television tapes.
  • You can also stack up med-kits from pharmacies and weapons from hardware shops.
  • There are several empty houses that you can use as base locations.
  • There are more possibilities of finding food items and lesser possibilities of hordes break-in over here.
  • While this place almost sounds like a paradise in PZ, one of the places you can encounter large hordes is in a local school. It is in a central part of Riverside.
  • Remember to go fully stacked with arms before you go for a run over here.

Scroll till the end to find out the best location for experienced or veteran players.

Best Starting Location for Experienced Players

best starting location for experienced players

  • It might be a tie between choosing a lethal and hard location for an experienced player.
  • While you can choose Muldraugh which is a barren land, you can also go for Westpoint which has the largest population of zombies.
  • Both the places are filled with fewer resources and weapons. Players can encounter large hordes of zombies in these two areas.

Be it a beginner or an experienced player in Project Zomboid, choosing a starting point is totally up to you to decide. So, what town would you be choosing to embark on your journey?

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